We need some encouragement.

We need to be refreshed.

We need some rest, and we need some fun.

We need Summer Camp for everyone!

Information is below. If you would like to see the Summer Camp brochure, click HERE

Details for events will be added as we move through the Summer.

After the year we’ve had, we could all benefit from a little Summer Camp in our lives. So, we are bringing Camp to Bayside Santa Rosa for everyone. Check out what we have planned!

Some things happen every week at Summer Camp: Camp Chapel (Sunday Services) is every Sunday, Emmaus Students meets every Wednesday, College Group meets every Thursday, and the young adults (college and young pros) have pickup volleyball on most Sundays. 

Friends and Fitness happens every Monday during Camp. Come join Counselor Thomas and friends in the backyard at church. Bring a water bottle and workout pad and get ready for a great workout. Friends and Fitnes starts at 6pm.

Taco Tuesdays include food, fun, and encouragement with some amazing teaching thrown in. Multiple adult classes are offered at each Taco Tuesday. There are three Taco Tuesdays during camp—June 22, July 13, and August 10. Taco Tuesdays start at 6pm. Childcare provided.

Young Pros is back at Bayside just in time for Camp. If you are 25-ish to 30-ish years old (post-college age), Young Pros is for you! We will kick off on June 13 and meet the second Sunday of every month. Each month will have different events. 

During Summer Camp, we also have several special camps for kids and students: High School Camp is July 20-25 and Breakaway Kids Camp and Big Time for Middle School students are both August 2-6.

Women will get to hang out together at two Women’s events with great food: a Women’s Brunch on June 26, a Women’s Barbecue on July 30 and a Women’s Game Night out on the field on August 20.

The men get to hang out at camp breakfast and eat bacon and other camp food. The Men’s Breakfast will have fun worship, teaching, and a few other surprises. There are two Men’s Breakfasts during camp—June 12 and July 24. Bacon is served starting at 8am.

Several special events are also planned for Summer Camp at Bayside Santa Rosa: Movie Night, hikes, bike rides, and many other events. Check the calendar for dates and more details as they get closer. 

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6 Sunday – Sunday Services, Adult Bike RideYoung Adult Pick-Up Volleyball

7 Monday – Friends and Fitness

10 Thursday – College Group

12 Saturday – Men’s Breakfast, Open Closet

13 Sunday – Sunday Services, Family Hike, Young Pros Kickoff

14 Monday – Friends and Fitness

15 Tuesday – High School Bible Studies

16 Wednesday – Emmaus Students Kickoff

17 Thursday – College Group


20 Sunday – Camp Chapel Opening Day, Young Adult Pick-Up Volleyball , Emmaus Students Fun Night       

21 Monday – Friends and Fitness

22 Tuesday – Taco Tuesday Adult Classes, High School Bible Studies

23 Wednesday – Emmaus Students

24 Thursday – College Group

26 Saturday – Women’s Brunch

27 Sunday – Camp Chapel & Young Adult Pick-Up Volleyball

28 Monday – Friends and Fitness

29 Tuesday – High School Bible Studies

30 Wednesday – Emmaus Students

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1 Thursday – College Group

4 Sunday (4th of July) – Camp Chapel

6 Tuesday – High School Bible Studies

7 Wednesday – Emmaus Students

8 Thursday – College Group

10 Saturday – Open Closet

11 Sunday – Camp Chapel, Adult Bike Ride & Young Pros

12 Monday – Friends and Fitness

13 Tuesday – Taco Tuesday Adult Classes, High School Bible Studies

14 Wednesday – Emmaus Students

15 Thursday – College Group

18 Sunday – Camp Chapel, Family Hike, Young Adult Pick-Up Volleyball, Emmaus Students Fun Night, All Camp Movie Night

19 Monday – Friends and Fitness

20 Tuesday – High School CAMP

21 Wednesday – High School CAMP

22 Thursday – College Group & HS CAMP

23 Friday – High School CAMP

24 Saturday – Men’s Breakfast & HS CAMP

25 Sunday – Camp Chapel & Young Adult Pick-Up Volleyball

26 Monday – Friends and Fitness

27 Tuesday – High School Bible Studies

28 Wednesday – Emmaus Students

29 Thursday – College Group

30 Friday – Women’s Barbecue

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1 Sunday – Camp Chapel

2 Monday – Breakaway & Big Time

3 Tuesday – Breakaway & Big Time

4 Wednesday – Breakaway & Big Time

5 Thursday – Breakaway & Big Time

6 Friday – Breakaway & Big Time

7 Saturday – Open Closet

8 Sunday – Camp Chapel, Young Pros

Emmaus Students Fun Night

9 Monday – Friends and Fitness

10 Tuesday – Taco Tuesday Adult Classes

11 Wednesday – Emmaus Students

12 Thursday – College Group

15 Sunday – Farewell to Summer Camp Chapel, Adult Bike Ride, Young Adult Pickup Volleyball

Post Camp Special Activities

20 Friday – Women’s Game Night

22 Sunday – Sunday Services, Family Hike