Bayside Kids

Bayside Kids exists to partner with parents to grow kids in faith and character. We provide a safe, caring, and fun environment for your child where they will discover who God is in an atmosphere designed just for them.

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood kids meet during first service on Sundays. Our Nursery is for infants to kids up to 24 months. Our Two’s room is for our amazing two-year olds. Our 3s & 4s are currently combined with our Pre-Kindergarten kids.


Trailblazers are for kids in Kindergarten though 3rd grade and mets during first service. Lively worship, puppets, engaging Bible stories, prayer & share, and hands-on projects related to the lessons make for the best hour of a kids week.


Trekkers is for kids in grades 4 and 5. With a focus on building friendships, our unique lessons don’t feel like school. We use the Action Bible every week which really brings God’s word to life for this age group in an eye-popping, engaging way.